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Whether it's basic or advanced level training, SLC Squared is committed to providing world-class education coupled with relevant subject matter experts who have varied backgrounds.

Conferences and Training Consortiums

We have specifically tailored our material to support conference style workshops as well as the ability to provide services as key speakers for special events, leadership forums, and conferences.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is an integral part of the education process, regardless of the subject matter, the best-designed curricula help students to be successful in learning the material and gaining the skills needed to continue to advance. Our staff has the background to develop courses and materials, which includes everything from textbooks to instructor materials and lectures to tests.


Our methodology uses Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Systems Approach to Training (SAT). We incorporate the use of neuroplasticity along with specific case analysis for more effective reception and retention of information. Wherever and whenever it is conducive, we can also build scenario-based training that will be cognitively real to your students.

Six Layer Concepts provides subject matter experts who utilize holistic approaches for problem-solving. SLC Squared is prepared to work on a one-on-one/individual level, or on an organizational level to provide realistic solution sets for a variety of needs.


We offer specific consultation and insight into the realms of human behavior, threat assessment, personal safety (at home, work, or school), loss prevention, site security, and surveillance/counter-surveillance.


SLC Squared provides a course of action to respond and assist, anywhere in the world and apply many skill sets and resources. We conduct many advising roles to both government and private sector entities. These advising missions are complete with an in-depth understanding and working relationship, between SLC Squared and the client.


Our advising roles have ranged from real-world operational applications to areas of specific concern, internal issues or training environment development. Even in the most austere of environments safety and risk mitigation is our number one concern while we simultaneously exercise the utmost discretion for our clients.

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