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Building relationships and partnerships is the key to mission success. We are proud of the bonds that we have formed.


Center for Regional and National Security

The EMU Staff and Command School has worked with SLC Squared from the very beginning and we’re extremely proud to be a training component for their team! The center is committed to excellence in teaching, training, and research within the areas of Information Assurance, Law Enforcement/Fire Management, School Safety/Security, Homeland Security, and Emergency Management.

FirstForward Badge


Prepare. Collaborate. Honor.

FirstForward enables SLC Squared to enrich and educate first responders across the country with it's network. FirstForward is the nation’s first professional learning network for public safety. FirstForward creates a space where first responders can connect with their peers, collaborate and access the professional training they need to do their jobs and come home alive. FirstForward celebrates and honors the stories of heroism and compassion common to all first responders.

VETPAW Elephant


Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife

The mission of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) is to provide meaningful employment to skilled post-9/11 U.S.veterans and conserve critically endangered African species and their communities and ecosystems. SLC Squared supports VETPAW in it's goal to "Stop the Bleeding" of endangered species poaching by providing training and advisement for them and the Rangers they support. Please donate today.

International Security Consulting Group


International Security Consulting Group

ISCG is committed to being a world leader in the security and security training services industry. Adapting the SLC Squared approach to predictive analysis and proactive decision-making during their executive protection training brings them closer to this. The diverse backgrounds of ISCG personnel has served as a catalyst to creating a very unique company, one deeply rooted in excellence and professionalism, the perfect roadmap for their vision.

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All Hands Response, LLC


"Unified We Save"

All Hands Response LLC and SLC Squared have partnered in the mission to bring Fire/EMS the most cutting edge, applicable training. To us it’s not a question of “IF,” but “WHEN” Fire/EMTs will be placed in the Danger Zone. We address the “what if,” so crews are not asking the “what now” during a dangerous encounter. All Hands Response offers best in breed SABA training, Tactical Triage and Treatment, Explosives & Blast Injuries, Rescue Task Force, and Tactical EMS.

Invictus Internatonal Operations


Invictus Training and Readiness Solutions

Invictus TRS is a collection of professional educators, subject matter experts, and dedicated management staff who ensure that their clients receive the most current, proven information that our industry has to offer. We have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Invictus and collaborate regularly for training and operations. They are the "go-to" for firearms training, tactical training, security operations, and crisis management.

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