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Our mission is to positively impact law enforcement and the community it serves through innovative training and a dynamic approach to education.

It is our intent to deliver over 45 years of defense, intelligence, and law enforcement experience in a way that can be adapted and utilized in a progressive manner for the accomplishment of our clients' mission.

Our goal is simple; we are here to give a different perspective. The purpose is not to tell anyone "what to do" or "what to think" but to instill confidence in themselves, their abilities, their methods and their team.


SLC Squared is a Disabled Veteran owned and operated company. Our staff comprises seasoned professionals with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Whether their careers began in Law Enforcement or in the US Military Special Operations, the members of our staff are sought-after subject matter experts in the field of human behavior.

These professionals not only possess the tacit knowledge to educate, they have the experience to apply their skill-sets real time, in the Continental US and all over the world. These are hard lessons learned where the staff’s main goal is to transmit knowledge in a way that will effect change for each and every client through an education in informed awareness.


Informed Awareness, Predictive and Proactive Analysis

The most dangerous time for anyone is the first contact. One is considered "lucky" to have moments to anticipate an attack. More often than not you will only have seconds to detect a threat. But how is that threat perceived and identified (if you see something say something)? If forced to protect yourself or others, are you prepared to defend your decision based on artifacts and evidence?

Better yet, imagine if you had the informed awareness to enable you to de-escalate and mitigate a situation without the escalation of force, use of force, or deadly force. Not to mention, lowering your or someone else's risk of injury or death in the process.

Human behavior pattern recognition equips individuals with the tools needed to manipulate their environment based on observable “human terrain”. By using a systematic approach to observation, assessment and critical thinking, superior decision-making and rapid predictive and proactive analysis are achievable and repeatable.

Our methodology is an aggregate of various disciplines including; psychology, physiology, neuroscience, criminology, biometrics, kinesics, and geographical profiling.

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