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Surveillance/Counter-surveillance Course





About the HTMBPR Surveillance/Counter-surveillance Course

First, this course equips participants with the informed awareness that comes with HTMBPR. Second, students learn how to apply HTMBPR in the execution of surveillance operations to maximize the exploitation of intelligence gathered. Six Layer Concepts provides participants with a "software upgrade" for the human brain; thus, empowering the law enforcement officer with a significant and more effective means to employ the equipment they currently have. SLC Squared uses a two-pronged approach to such an end. The world is an increasingly dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Technology has grown at a tremendous pace, allowing amazing advances in every industry. In today's modern world Intelligence collection is executed with unprecedented precision. It is one measure to collect the data; it is an entirely different challenge to analyze it and know what it means effectively. For this, the collector must know what they have and what to do with it. Having all the most current, technologically advanced intelligence collection hardware can only go so far. Students will receive a course book and a graduation certificate upon successful completion.

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