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HTMBPR T-3 "Train-the-Trainer"





About the HTMBPR Train-the-Trainer Course

Our five-day train-the-trainer course is designed to allow new and experienced trainers to plan, lead, and deliver the Six Layer Concept: 8-hr Workshop. This course gives the agency and their coaches the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct in-house training for their personnel, keeping with best practices for adult learning and continuing education. Coaches will have four days of intensive immersion into the curriculum, methodology, and delivery of HTMBPR. On the last day, the cadre will be tested and evaluated in a live-conditions practical of an 8-hr workshop. Successful completion of the 8-hr Workshop, 2-day Basic Course, 3-Day Basic Plus, or Surveillance/Countersurveillance Course is a prerequisite. Students receive an 8-hr master lesson file, slide presentation, instructor notebook, and a graduation certificate upon successful completion.

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